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Pianos on the Street

The event where pianos take to the streets of Murcia

Pianos on the Street is a project by Klavier, in which he makes available to any pianist who wishes it, the possibility of playing live with the public with large grand pianos, pianos of great artists (Elton John) and a unique infrastructure that allows you to play in the most beautiful and charismatic places in the city of Murcia.
Clamo Music supports this initiative including in its program of the International Piano Competition, a demonstration of its participants in these enclaves spread throughout the city, bringing in this way elite musicians to all Murcian and Murcian lovers of culture and music for piano

Pianos en la calle

Piano Recital Program

Program of performances that the participants of the Clamo Music International Piano Competition will perform in different enclaves of the city of Murcia


Klavier and Clamo Music invite any pianist to participate in Pianos at Calle. You can send your request through the official website of the event.

During the Clamo Music International Piano Competition, the ‘Pianos in the Street’ initiative, promoted by the Honorable City Council of Murcia, Klavier Musical Instruments, and Clamo Music since the first edition of the competition, will once again offer the entire public the opportunity to enjoy performances by renowned international artists in the city’s historic landmarks. This unique atmosphere that Murcia provides to both the audience and the pianists contributes to creating one of the most highly valued and already essential events in the city’s spring calendar.

Furthermore, ‘Pianos in the Street’ is open to anyone who wants to sign up and play the piano before an attentive audience eager to enjoy music in the most picturesque streets of Murcia. It’s an opportunity for any pianist to experience something unique, playing outdoors on pianos from top brands provided by Klavier, under the watchful eyes of hundreds of passersby, and with the chance to win significant prizes provided by Klavier.