V International Piano Competition Clamo Music Region of Murcia

Celebration of the Fifth Edition of the Clamo Music International Piano Competition on 10, 11 and 12 May 2019 in the Region of Murcia

Clamo Music International Piano Competition
10,000€ in Awards and Scholarships
All prizes are awarded
Scholarships for International Displacement
Accommodation in a Nearby Hotel
Meals in Charge of the Organization
Extensive Piano Practice Program
Great Promotion of Award Winning Pianists

Opening Enrollment Period for Contestants

The Clamo Música Academy, in collaboration with the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia (Ministry of Education and Culture), Hon. City Council of the City of Murcia, The Conservatory of Music of Murcia and the support of different sponsors organizes on May 10, 11 and 12, 2019 the Fifth International Piano Competition Clamo Music in The City of Murcia.

The registration for all contestants is open until January 31, 2019. Sign up for the next International Clamo Music Piano Competition, important cash prizes, concerts, an international artistic environment and a strong promotion in specialized media are waiting in the best valued contest thanks to the great attention given to each of the participants.

Clamo Music 2019 International Piano Competition

On the occasion of the V Edition of the Clamo Music Region International Piano Competition of Murcia 2019, which will be held from May 10th to 12th at the Conservatory of Music of Murcia. Recital and Awards of the 10 Finalists, as the culmination of this event will be held in the Miguel Angel Clares room of the VICTOR VILLEGAS AUDITORIUM.


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Some Opinions of the Participants

  • "The Clamo Music Competition is one of the best organized competitions I have ever experienced. The atmosphere was very uplifting and the possibilities of acting, huge. Chema Casanova was able to create a beautiful experience where we could exchange knowledge and love for music."

    Marie Luise Bodenddorf
  • "I felt that the organizer was preparing and planning the competition thoroughly and I appreciate all that consideration. Everything was perfect and fantastic. It was a very good experience for me, with free and happy atmosphere. Above all, I have been very happy at that time."

    Mina Lee
    South Korea
  • "My deep thanks to Chema Casanova for the perfect and warm organization and the great support of the government of Murcia. It's an incredible opportunity for the musician. This type of initiative will make the culture bigger in the world. It must continue!"

    Ai Sakae

Jury of the International Piano Competition Clamo Music 2019

In Clamo Music we are pleased to announce that the jury will be composed by Boyan Vodenitcharov, Roland Pröll, Pilar Valero, Gabriel Escudero, Pedro Valero and Chema Casanova in the fifth edition of the International Clamo Music Competition 2019. In Clamo Music we are very proud to have an exceptional jury and international renown, which every year adds greater excellence always in line with the philosophy of this piano competition, which in short is to offer a comprehensive experience of great value for the candidate musicians In a high level musical event in the city of Murcia.

In the International Clamo Music Piano Competition we take into account different aspects of the candidates. The technical evaluation of the pianists is fundamental, as well as a training of the pianist in its entirety, that is to say, from the musical expression to an integral professional attitude of the candidate, all the qualities and aspects that a concertist of international stature must possess for an outstanding professional career. That’s why Clamo Music is a valuable experience for all aspiring pianists, a great contribution to the winners’ curriculum vitae and an international reach.

Boyan Vodenitcharov
Roland Pröll
Pilar Valero
Gabriel Escudero
Pedro Valero
Chema Casanova


Empresas colaboradoras y patrocinadores del Concurso Internacional de Piano Clamo Music

Pianos On The Street
A Unique Event In The City Of Murcia


On the dates of the Clamo Music International Piano Competition, the Pianos in the Street initiative that Murcia City Council, Musical Instruments Klavier and Clamo Music we promote in the city of Murcia since the first edition of the contest, will once again offer the public the opportunity to enjoy great artists of international stature in the historical enclaves of the city. A unique atmosphere that Murcia offers both the public as well as back to the pianists, creating one of the best valued events and already fundamental in the spring of the city of Murcia.

In addition, Pianos On The Street is open to anyone who wants to register and play the piano before an attentive public and wanting to enjoy music in the most picturesque streets of Murcia. An opportunity for any pianist to experience a unique, open-air experience, playing with grand piano pianos provided by Klavier, before the watchful eyes of hundreds of passers-by and with the possibility of winning great prizes provided by Klavier.



Clamo Music has as a priority the promotion of talents and artists of musical environment. The Clamo Music International Piano Competition has allowed us to create a highly specialized work environment and group, ideal for the launching of pianists nationally and internationally, creating a circuit in which the pianist can feel the attention, closeness and security that a High level professional requires to undertake a successful career. For this reason, in addition to being an international shuttle and door for prestigious enclaves and concert halls, Clamo Music is concerned so that the artist has the right environment in each activity, with personalized advice, planning and project management, creation of appropriate networking And managing all the facets necessary for the promotion of each artist.

In Clamo Music our point of view is that of the artist, it can not be otherwise since all our team is made up of professional musicians, that’s why we put our maximum effort in getting the artist to reach their expectations, with full understanding and high capacity Of resolution of all the details that usually happen in the career of a professional artist.

Piano Competition

Sign up for the Clamo Music International Music Competition Region of Murcia. Read the bases carefully and send us your application for registration in the contest. Remember that the deadline ends on January 31, 2019.

Musical Artistic Promoter

Clamo Music promotes national and international artists through the International Piano Competition, but also promotes and works with artists of different styles and disciplines.