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School of piano and classical and modern music school in Murcia.




Clamo Music was born as a music academy in Murcia in 2010, under the philosophy of a global musical education and updated to new pedagogical methodologies, with the possibility of including teaching classes in English or deepening in computer tools of musical environment and sound . In Clamo Music, we complete the training of the student in all the areas necessary for his effective development and preparation before frequent situations in the world of music.

Academia de Música Clamo Music


The music school ClaMo Music was born in 2010 with the vision that the musical training of the students of the 21st century should be based on a highly qualified teacher, both in the disciplines of musical training and in the pedagogy itself and With a vital attitude in which music is one of the most important emotional ingredients in achieving balance and personal fulfillment.


With this vision, in ClaMo Music we have the objective of searching from the childhood of our students the musical hobby that allows them a more complete emotional development and that those who are especially gifted develop a solid base that opens a professional horizon already inside Of the Professional and Superior Conservatories.
As for \»modern music\», an advanced technique is provided and, where appropriate, training in sound editing programs (Finale, Sibelius, etc.), in addition to the management of \»samplers\» or VSTI instruments, to develop at any age A hobby (and sometimes passion) often dissatisfied with other vital priorities.
Blues, rock, heavy metal, etc., are now much more accessible with professional and computer support, in addition to the \»ear\» and vocation, always necessary.

Academia de música clásica y moderna Clamo Music
Academia de Música Clamo Music


In a globalized world, such as the present one, it is also important the training in languages of teachers and the possibility of teaching music in English, facilitating to the student his possible stays abroad. The communications (web, forums, social networks) and the means to use them can no longer be alien to the environment of a current musical education that contemplates both classical and modern music, trying to reduce the limits and open to the wide range of styles, Instruments and forms so that its beauty is, in addition to formative, interesting and fun.


In the Clamo Music piano academy we have a body of high-level teachers, graduated according to the subjects taught, which offers the best musical preparation according to the objectives of our students.

José María Casanova Ródenas

Senior Piano Teacher. (2010)
Master ENAE and Berklee.

María Victoria Casanova Ródenas

Senior Piano Teacher (2003)
Degree in Musical Pedagogy (2009)


Contact us and request information without commitment to enroll in the piano academy Clamo Music. School of classical and modern music.