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Clamo Music collaborates, promotes and sponsors musicians internationally from its musical promoter in the Region of Murcia, thus enlivening the musical environment and enabling both the discovery of new talents and the experience with great masters. Our mission is to promote music and help artists to achieve further improvement and promotion in their career.

Clamo Music collaborates, promotes and sponsors musicians nationally and internationally, serving as an effective support for the musical artistic environment inside and outside Spain. Our mission is to promote music and artists, committed to the discovery of new talents and the quality of services in management, promotion, legal and tax advice, production and professional artistic support.


All information on upcoming events promoted by Clamo Music

Piano Concert of the winners of International Piano Competition Clamo Music 2024


Discover all the musicians and formations promoted by Clamo Music promoter. From the most outstanding pianists of the piano competition to teachers and quartets of international prestige. All the artists are in perpetual movement, concerts, international tours, masterclass and great recitals that from the Music Promoter Clamo Music we spread and we promote.


II Concurso Internacional de Piano Clamo Music Pianos en la calle Klavier concursanteARTISTS PROMOTION

At Clamo Music we are intimately linked to the promotion of musicians and artists in general. Aware of the difficulty and great obstacles faced by any artist to develop their activity, in Clamo Music we offer integral support for the development and efficient operation of musical and artistic activities in general.

In particular, through the Clamo Music International Piano Competition included in the Alink-Argerich Foundation, we promote classical music focused, this time, to the dissemination of world-class revelation pianists. Stated as one of the best competitions both for the quality of its candidates and for the repercussion and awards that the contest gives to the winners of each edition, Clamo Music also generates a great musical movement in Murcia, city that hosts the contest.


Clamo Music promotes artists and musical formations of great international recognition.


Clamo Music actively participates in different initiatives and works closely with companies and institutions for the promotion of music and culture in the Region of Murcia.


Discover the events managed and promoted by Clamo Music. In both classical and modern music, Clamo Music is committed to excellence in the promotion of musical and artistic events.

Ruben Micielli

Concert of the Pianist Winner of the First Clamo Music Competition Ruben Micielli with the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia

Unrisen Queen + OSRM

UnrisenQueen Concert with the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia OSRM

Christmas Concert

ÖSRM + ClaMo -18th December 2016 Christmas Concert. Auditorio Victor Villegas, Murcia

Pianos in the street

An initiative in which Klavier puts at the disposal of any pianist who wants it, the possibility of playing live in front of the public with large grand pianos, pianos of great artists (Elton John) and a unique infrastructure that allows to play in the most Beautiful and charismatic of the city of Murcia.

Clamo Music supports this initiative including in its program of the International Piano Contest, a demonstration of its participants in these enclaves spread throughout the city, bringing in this way elite musicians to all Murcia and Murcia lovers of culture and music for piano.

Castle Concert

An initiative in which Promusica and Clamo Music promote a unique concert in the region of Murcia, in the castle of San Juan de las Aguilas, where piano virtuosos winners of the International Piano Competition Clamo Music perform works for piano in an environment like no other , in the light of the moon, the stars and the phenomenal views offered by the castle. 

A promotion where we put all our experience in coordination and logistics, being famous among the inhabitants and holidaymakers of Águilas the transport of a grand piano in helicopter, a real show and display in order to offer to the public a singularly special concert .