IX Edition of the International Piano Competition Clamo Music Region of Murcia 2023

At Clamo Music we are pleased to present the IX Edition of the Clamo Music Region of Murcia International Piano Competition 2023. A nationally and internationally consolidated competition due to its high level of applicants, which brings together the best international piano promises in the city of Murcia.

The IX Edition of the Clamo Music International Piano Competition will be held on May 19, 20 and 21, 2021 in the city of Murcia, with the effort of the organization and the high level of both participation and the jury that makes up this piano competition. piano, something that has made Clamo Music, year after year, one of the best piano competitions and international promoters of young pianists on the national and international scene.

Whether you are a music lover or a professional, don’t miss the excitement of the international piano competition and attend all phases of the competition, the final winners’ recital and the awards ceremony as a listener. Enjoy the rich and interesting experience that is the professional musical environment and the development of an international piano competition.

We are very proud to promote a great international piano competition where the jury, far from being cold and distant, also comments on the points, as well as constructively highlights and corrects the participants. In addition, the Clamo Music International Piano Competition is a great opening for contacts, networking and promotion for the careers of all its participants, whether they are winners of the competition or not.

Thanks to the institutions that support this contest, the Government of the Region of Murcia, the Hon. City Council of the Region of Murcia, the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Murcia and various private sponsors, Clamo Music can offer a cultural event of international scope in Murcia, creating a bidirectional bridge of promotion, both for the participants and for the Region of Murcia, that year after year becomes stronger between different countries of the world and the Region of Murcia.

For all this, all the participants of the contest agree in positively evaluating each aspect of the Clamo Music Region of Murcia International Piano Competition.